How To Do Underwater Photography the Right Way?

“From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface, and he is free.”

Have you ever wanted to be free and experience the immense enjoyment of the most fascinating but complex pastime i.e. Underwater Photography. This article seeks to demystify essential concepts behind Underwater Photography so that the most novice users can also hold the cameras and dive off.

  1. Type Of Camera

Get a camera that can work in a wet environment, and jump in to capture and conquer the wonders of the water world. You can use a disposable, reusable and even a digital underwater cameras. A compact camera capable of wide angle photography should be used.


  1. Learn To Hold Your Breath

The underwater photography gives a visual voice to the invisible but with the prospect of drowning. So, the first thing you should learn is to hold your breath underwater, or you can carry oxygen masks.

Ko Lanta, November 2010

  1. Best Place To Shoot

For the beginners, before attempting Underwater Photography in the ocean, where the water is unpredictable, try taking images in a pool.

Others can dive directly in oceans and explore the beauty of blue.


  1. Shoot On A Bright Day

The perfect time to shoot underwater is in the afternoon when sunlight travels intensely in the water. To spice your picture, try to do it on a sunny day. Shoot in 20 feet of water or less, with the sun behind you. You can also use a flashlight as artificial lighting to bring an extra bit of allure to your photographs.


  1. Clothing

If you’re shooting others in costume for a photo shoot or any other reason, make sure to wear light clothing. Do keep in mind that when clothes are wet, they make it harder to swim. The tighter the dress, the less resistance you’ll have to move freely underwater with your camera and thus you won’t be able to do right photography.



  1. Practice!

Discuss your plan and have your subject practice first on land and then one or two times below water in a pool to make yourself practiced in the art. It’s less tiring for everyone who are into it, and who knows; if you can make your first shot a perfect shot, you’re already on your way to becoming a professional!


  1. Use Props And Bubbles

Bubbles will make your photograph look creative. You can use water guns, and if you’re feeling like experimenting, bringing Props underwater will make things even more surreal. For example, you can use a guitar, a chair, rope, or frankly anything you like, as long as it makes your photographs bring out the emotions that you want them to.


  1. Preserve Your Equipment

Salt from sea water infiltrates in your Equipment. Soak equipment in fresh water for half an hour. Also, extract water that can stagnate around sensitive parts of your gear.

With these tips in mind, you’ll survive whatever challenges the water bodies throw your way.


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