How to Find Your Dream Job in Less Than 5 Minutes?!


Finding your dream job in less than five minutes. Is it even possible? With a population of more than 1.2 billion people inheriting the earth, where finding a job becomes a massive task- the question about finding a dream job, and that too in less than five minutes? Sounds almost next to impossible, doesn’t it?

A dream job is a job you love. A job which you like doing. A job which doesn’t necessarily seem like a job- more like a hobby. A dream job- a job about which we’ve been dreaming all our lives.  Are five minutes or 180 seconds enough to find this kind of job?  Well, the answer is yes. Yes, we can get this sort of job in less than five minutes. Whether we get the job or not, well that’s another thing!

The Internet, which is like a storehouse of information, has so much data on almost everything. You might have come across many quizzes or tests which claim to tell you what job suits you the most or even to discover your dream job and you know what, all these quizzes are fake. They are only meant to be for entertainment and nothing more, especially not for making decisions related to career choices. My psychology teacher once told me that even the best of researchers don’t come up to a conclusion with just one observation. Be it any research, it takes a lot of time to comprehend results because humans are complicated, and will always remain so. And finding our dream job is research too, and the only researcher fit for this is you- the person making the choice.

There are two things which help you realize what kind of job suits you. Put in the simplest of words; they are as follows:

Passion- it’s something which drives you. It’s like a burning fire in you. If you have a passion for something, you do it. I completely agree with Steve Jobs when he says “the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Seriously, when your interests become your source of living, it doesn’t seem hard, more like play. And for that matter, if you’ve got a job which interests you, which you love doing- that’s your dream job.

Research- even when you know the answer, it’s not graded if you don’t put it down. Similarly, even if you know what to do – how you do it is the real thing. Have a job in mind, right- next find out how to go forward. Do research and find out all you can about the job. Know where to apply for it, how you can go about doing so, and most importantly, know what designations are on offer. Incomplete information is even more dangerous than having none.

I know it sounds harsh, long and tedious, but if you want to know or find your dream job in less than 5 minutes, there’s this small activity you can try. Close your eyes, and no I am not trying any psychoanalytic therapy- just close your eyes and imagine yourself doing something you love. Can you do that for a job? Without whining or grumbling or becoming bored? If you can, that my friend is your dream job discovered in less than 5 minutes!!